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SFTP server that integrates into your software solutions

Are you a software developing company, or are you operating within FinTech? With encrypted FTPS and SFTP servers, ProVide MEDI offers a high level of security and protection when basic protocols are inadequate.

Probably the easiest way to protect your files in the world. Probably.

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ProVide is a user-friendly solution to safely and securely provide files and documents to/from businesses and consumers. Our solutions are developed for small resource footprint and make it possible to provide large files without any hassle.

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AD Integration, of course!

Usergroups and user rights are easily created by user tokens and AD integrations. Just add your existing AD user groups and you’re done!

Users and Staff

Easy to enable instant remote access to staff and team members using adequate security permission.

Security and Trust

The software supports the latest and greatest standards, ciphers and encryption protocol and security measures.

Total Access

Available from all platforms and devices. Access to ProVide does not rely on software apps or browser requirements. Isn’t it great!

SFTP and FTPS – Reliable and secure file sharing

Perhaps you need a windows SFTP-server with strong encryption? Or an AD-integrated platform for securely accessing and working with files, even editing files directly; from home and using any device? This is it! We promise!
26-play-solid ProVide Server

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Quick setup process

ProVide makes is easy to enable administrators or the entire staff to access files directly by using the built-in secure web-server. AD-integration (multi-domain and AD trust), impersonation support, security groups and tokens mean that you can set everything.

Robust file provisioning service

ProVide MEDI makes file sharing user-friendly and secure. Resource allocation and deallocation, concurrency and reliability have guided the development and design of ProVide.


Built-in web server functionality; end users do not need to install any software to access your files.

Use the force

Centralized management, Active Directory integration with user impersonation, custom logging capabilities and a small resource footprint make ProVide a world-class competitor. You can choose the number of accounts and connections depending on your needs and budget.


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Add extra level of security using a reverse proxy via ProVide Gateway - Managed File Transfer made even safer!

Reverse proxy means the client never connects directly to the server, but through the GateWay.

Extra Support?

Do you need help to install or set up ProVide? Then buy our  specialist coupons! We offer virtual hands-on on-site support for ProVide using TeamViewer.
A coupon grants one hour of support, and you can buy as many as you need.
So what could we support you with within 4 coupons (hours)? For example Advanced AD-to-ProVide connection with nested AD groups and user-specific home folders.

A bit more support?

For a larger or more advanced projects such as integrating the server with your existing business systems or add-on development projects, this could suit you.   So what could we support you with within 10 coupons (hours)?
For example, Connecting ProVide to existing AD and configuration of home folders for AD users via ProVide or configuration and verification of passive connections and connection with nested AD groups and user-specific home folders.

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Privacy &

ProVide Mega solves all your most critical data management challenges

It means you have better security, visibility, and control over your data — and therefore your business.
ISO Certified Hosting
ProVide delivers 99.9% uptime and hosts communities with ISO and SOC II certified Amazon AWS hosting provider.
All data is fully encrypted using symmetric encryption with accordance to industry best practices and standards.
GDPR Compliance
Build GDPR compliant communities with our in-built policy and guidelines tool.
Systematic Audits
We are constantly monitoring, analyzing and improving our software security to keep your data safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Using “Events and messages” available from the MAXI license, ProVide can run any number of organization specified security checks even before the files are allowed to be stored and reject the files that do not pass. Also, ProVide can trigger notification and action pipelines after the files are stored so that the appropriate authorities are made aware and can take required actions.

ProVide unlike many other solutions does not involve uploading, transferring or changing the current file structure. Instead ProVide enables structured and secure access directly to source files. ProVide furthermore integrates seamlessly to your existing AD or to custom user permission systems.

ProVide is a predominantly a software solution running on windows servers that enables structured, monitored and secure access directly to files within a current file storage system. ProVide in that sense does not involve any data migration or external cloud storage. Please note that Provide can also be run on cloud servers e.g. any VPS but still under your organizations control. We also have a ProVide AWS SAAS alternative for temporary or persistent cloud storage.

Generally NO, not at all! Provide can be installed and rolled out in under an hour for most organizations. It is easy to configure, easy to use, integrates with your current AD, and does not require any data migration or off-site file transfers. That said: if you go beyond the “standard” implementation ProVide is a real powerhouse when it comes to system integrations, scripting and advanced functionality. Our users come up with interesting scripts and adaptations and integrate ProVide into large systems daily. We still do not know how far you can take ProVide and such implementations increase the project scope. To cater for larger projects and integrations Provide is extremely portable and customizations using scripts, or software talking to directly to our ProVide API does not affect the ability to update the core system without affecting said customizations including both looks or functionality

Yes. ProVide was built from the start not to clog the windows registry (and preferably avoid it altogether). This means setup, settings, accounts and share administration is stored in folders so that you can move an entire installation between servers. Install on new server and make sure the new server has the correct security certificate (if using HTTPS), license, move relevant folders, and if included in the same a domain it will work.

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