AH Automation

“ProVide has an interface which is easy to understand and it works well as a product for us. We use it as a FTP-server where we manage accounts for our customers in order to access file areas for uploading/downloading in each project.”


“We’re very pleased with ProVide, it does what it’s supposed to and the product support is excellent. We use ProVide for both internal and external file transfer.”

BTG Instruments

“We use ProVide as a file service together with a certificate when exchanging files with customers and suppliers. It has been stable for many years now and basically just keeps on going, which is great for us!”


“We use ProVide on a customer server for file transfer with a certificate authenticated finance service. We think ProVide is a very smooth program and solution, it does exactly what it should.”

Central Illinois Neuro Health Sciences

“Most excellent product with pricing in the “just right” category for needing a very small (3 users) SFTP solution. Add in this friendly offer of a trial extension, and y’all now have my business indefinitely and a hearty recommendation to anyone else who needs a similar solution. “

ConQuip, Inc.

“Simple yet intuitive interface, robust functionality, and support for plenty of protocols are just few of the reasons our company decided to go with ProVide software. The setup was minimal and straight forward. The end users have variety of connection options ranging from FTP to HTTPS. ProVide radically simplified file sharing for our customers.”


“We use ProVide for different customer cases and it’s always very stable. We’re happy and satisfied!”


“We haven’t had any problems with ProVide. We use it for internal storage and so far it covers all of our needs.”

Diners Club International

“We chose your product mainly because it contains a lot of options for data transfer. Additional user interface and/or administrator is very readable and understandable even for the person who first makes contact with your product. In our case, we wanted to implement your product to our environment because we use it to secure data… Continue reading Diners Club International


“Fast change of group memberships and the opportunity to use virtual directories. …there is not another product for windows.”

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